10 Best Apps To Watch Movies With Friends

10 Best Apps To Watch Movies With Friends

The new variant of the Coronavirus has brought a lot of chaos, and people are again locked in their homes. They are missing friends already and looking for activities to kill their time, such as streaming movies, enjoying games, or working from home. However, there are some best apps to watch movies with friends. These apps allow you to connect with your friends and enjoy their company sitting from your home.

10 Best Apps To Watch online Movies With Friends

There are several apps, extensions, and sites that provide this facility. TechBmw has brought a list of the best apps to watch movies with friends, how to watch a movie with friends online and let’s have a look.

Netflix Party 

Netflix Party

Imagine being able to socially distance yourself while watching your favorite Netflix web series or movies with your best pals. You can do the same with Netflix Party. It’s a Chrome extension that allows users to connect with their friends and watch Netflix as a group apps to watch movies with friends.

Only the host’s computer needs to have the Netflix Party extension installed. It has the best setup among the other programs and tools on the list. Open Netflix how to watch a movie with friends online in your browser after installing the addon and watch a video. Now, best app to watch movies free pause the video, go to the upper right corner of the screen, and click the NP extension.

They how to watch netflix together watch movies together long distance movie party app will send you a link to share with your friends to invite them to watch Netflix with you. Netflix Party also has a simple chat interface that you may use to communicate with your friends.


10 Best Apps To Watch Movies With Friends Watch2gether

Watch2gether, as the name implies, allows you to watch movies with internet buddies in real-time. The most excellent feature about the app is that there is no need to register. To use this app, all you need is a temporary nickname.

Visit Watch2gether’s website and tap the ‘Create a Room’ button on the home page to begin viewing movies with your friends online. You can invite your friends to watch videos with you by sharing the link to your room.

By simply pasting the video link into the app’s search bar, it allows you to watch videos from other social media sites such as Instagram, Youtube, Twitch, and others. You may also use Watch2gether to make video calls with your pals while watching videos. It is one of the top best apps to watch movies with friends.

Plug. DJ 

10 Best Apps To Watch Movies With Friends Plug

DJ is the ideal software for folks who prefer to spend time with their friends watching YouTube videos and listening to music instead of watching web series and movies. Users can build private chat rooms and a playlist of music videos that will be played apps to watch movies with friends.

You can now be a DJ by arranging the music videos that will be played. If other participants don’t like your playlist, they can vote it down, and you’ll be booted from the DJ booth. It will enable you to join several communities on the app to socialize and have fun with other people. The app works with both Android and iOS devices, and it also works well on Chrome how to watch netflix with friends on phone.


10 Best Apps To Watch Movies With Friends Rabbit 

Rabbit watched app is one of the most unusual apps on the list 10 Best Apps To Watch Movies With Friends, as it offers far more than just video streaming. It allows users to share browser tabs across various devices, sharing games, documents, Netflix, and YouTube.

You may quickly establish a room by going to Rabbit’s official website and inviting your friends to join by sharing the room’s link. Users can chat or make a video call with one another there. Other users can also take control of the stream using Rabbit. Rabbit now has a Chrome plugin, making it even easier to use.


10 Best Apps To Watch Movies With Friends  TwoSeven

TwoSeven is one of the best solutions for watching movies with your pals online. You may share videos from HBO Now, Vimeo, YouTube, and Amazon Prime Video, in addition to Netflix.

The 10 Best Apps To Watch Movies With Friends app’s premium version, which costs between $5 and $20, includes a Disney Plus and Hulu subscription. Because of the coronavirus lockdown, you can now get the premium version for $3 per month.

The most excellent best app to watch movies free aspect of the app is that users may add frequent participants under the ‘Friends’ section. This will simplify the user to reconnect with the same people the next time they log in.



MyCircleTV 10 Best Apps To Watch Movies With Friends can communicate via voice chat while viewing movies online with pals. The best aspect of the app is that users may invite their friends via Facebook, email, Linkedin, and Twitter. It is one of the best apps to watch movies with friends.


10 Best Apps To Watch Movies With Friends  Scener 

Scener allows you to have a video call with your pals while watching Netflix together. The software also includes a live chat feature that can accommodate up to ten individuals at once.

The 10 Best Apps To Watch Movies With Friends  Scener chrome extension is easy to find, and the interface is highly user-friendly. You can also add your existing platform friends by typing their names in the search bar and selecting the ‘Add Friend‘ button.

The software includes a virtual remote control that you can share among a group of friends watching movies online. The TV show or movie can be paused, played, or rewarded with the remote control. To pass the remote to other players, slide the cursor over their icon and tap the remote button that appears beneath their icon.


10 Best Apps To Watch Movies With Friends  Gaze

If YouTube is your preferred streaming source, Gaze could be just what you’re searching for. It’s really easy to use Gaze. A user establishes a room and shares the room’s link with another user. That is all there is to it. Both parties can then begin streaming videos in sync right away. Unfortunately, Gaze can only be utilized by two people simultaneously. This could be ideal for a long-distance date night.



Kast is different from many of the other services on this list in that it isn’t just for syncing video streams. On the other hand, Kast lets users “share” a browser. This allows users to sync all kinds of content across different devices remotely. While Kast is best known for syncing Netflix and YouTube films, it can also sync games, documents, and more.

Kast makes it simple to get up and to run. To start a session, you can either download the desktop client for Windows or macOS or utilize the web version (only supported in Chrome browser). You may either create your party or join an existing live stream from here.



TeleParty (previously known as Netflix Party) is a Chrome-only browser addon. It allows customers to watch Netflix videos on different computers simultaneously. It’s probably one of the easiest to set up because it only needs to be installed on one computer. After installing the extension, go to Netflix and select a movie or TV show to watch.

Pause your video and click the red “NP” button in the top right corner of your browser window once it has loaded. This will generate a one-of-a-kind link that you can share with others. Those individuals will be sent to your “room,” where they will be able to watch your video in real-time alongside you. Furthermore, Netflix Party provides a simple text chat interface for users to interact.


The apps listed above will assist you in staying in touch with your pals and binge-watching your favorite episodes and movies with them. These best apps to watch movies with friends can keep you entertained even if your group isn’t physically there. You can leave any tips in the comments area for any of the tools mentioned.



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