11 Best Android Launchers In 2022

11 Best Android Launchers In 2022

Android is the ruler of mobile OS, and the main reason behind this is its customization Android Launchers features. It provides you with infinite customization facilities that are grabbing users’ attention worldwide. Another reason behind Android’s success is its strong launchers, including your home screen and another catalog of different apps on your smartphone. Best android launcher allow you to customize all the features of your device. For example, Pixel devices include the Pixel Launcher by default.

11 Best Android Launchers In 2022

To save your time and energy going through tons of launchers on the Google Play Store, TechBmw presents you with the list of best Android launchers right now what’s the best android launcher.

1. Nova Launcher

Nova Launcher

Nova Launcher is without a doubt one of the best Android launchers available. It’s quick, top launcher efficient, and portable. It includes dock modifications, notification badges, the ability to display frequently used apps in the app drawer as a top row, folder and icon customizations, hundreds of motions, and many greater features best launcher for android.

App shortcuts are also supported. You may alter icon labels as well as customize app icons. Users can completely eliminate labels to achieve a basic look. It also has a gloomy tone to it. The premium edition unlocks additional features and is well worth a try.

2. Ratio

Ratio best android launchers

The Ratio is one of the best launchers for Android that you should be used if your home screen is too cluttered and you get easily distracted.

The best google launcher Android app includes three different home screens, each with its features. The Tree page, for example, contains all of your communications in one location, but the Root page has personalized weather, Notes, and YouTube cards, among other things. Finally, there’s the Tiles page, which automatically organizes apps into categories.

The only issue with the Ratio is that there are no possibilities for colorful themes. The monochrome, on the other hand, looks great.

Ratio requires access to practically all of your data to perform properly. While the data is encrypted and kept on the phone, not everyone will be comfortable revealing too much personal information. Overall, Ratio is one of the top Android launchers in 2022.

3. Launcher iOS 14

best android launchers  Launcher iOS 14

The launcher software for Android, as the name suggests, replicates the iPhone experience on an Android device. Not only will you get exclusive icons, but you’ll also notice a boost in navigation speed.

The launcher is unbelievably close to the real iPhone experience. Long-pressing an app icon displays an iOS-style menu of options for rearranging and removing the app. The launcher also has a widget section similar to the iPhone’s home screen.

Users can also obtain the iOS control panel and assistive touch when downloading the developer’s apps. The main issue is that the iOS 14 launcher app displays intrusive advertisements while trying to change the launcher settings launcher for android tablets.

Overall, this is one of the top best launchers for Android in 2022 for folks who want to emulate the look of iOS 14 on their Android device.

4. Apex Launcher 

best android launchers Apex Launcher 

Apex Launcher is one of the most beautiful launcher programs available. You may customize it with thousands of themes and icon packs available on the Play Store to make it more appealing. It’s one of the most lightweight Android launchers available, and it’s suitable for both smartphones and tablets.

You can create up to 9 personalized home screens and hide apps you don’t use from the app drawer. The launcher organizes programs in the app drawer based on their title, installation date, or usage frequency.

By upgrading to the premium version, android launcher apps you’ll gain access to more gestures, advanced app drawer customizations, and a slew of other features.

5. Niagara Launcher 

best android launchers  Niagara Launcher 

Niagra cool launcher for android is a minimalist launcher for Android users that want to keep things simple. Niagra, like Evie, is devoid of choices and settings, making it one of the fastest Android launchers available on the Google Play Store.

Because the launcher software aims to declutter your Android space, it is free of bloatware and paid adverts. The launcher app runs nicely on both high-end and low-end devices top free launcher.

This program might not be right for you if you’re searching for many customizing possibilities. However, considering its gorgeous appearance, I recommend that you give it a shot. Undoubtedly, it’s one of the best mobile launchers for those who want a tidy and appealing home screen.

6. Smart Launcher 5

Smart Launcher 5

Smart Launcher 5 is a new lightweight and quick Android launcher app for 2021 that was created with users in mind. The app drawer comes from a sidebar that organizes the apps into categories. It phone launcher app asks for your default apps during the initial setup to avoid bothering with default app pop-ups later.

The Android launcher includes an ultra-immersive mode that allows you to conceal the navigation bar to free up more screen real estate. In addition, the launcher app’s ambient theme alters the color of the theme dependent on the wallpaper.

Although there is gesture support, it is limited. To unlock all of the gestures, you’ll need to upgrade to the pro version. The free version has the drawback of displaying invasive advertisements in the app drawer. It is, nonetheless, one of the fastest Android launchers you should try best simple android launcher.

7. Microsoft Launcher 

Microsoft Launcher 

Microsoft Launcher (previously Arrow Launcher) is a beautiful, quick, customizable Android launcher app. Every day, Bing will provide you with fresh wallpapers. The Microsoft Timeline feature, which resembles “Google Cards,” is displayed on the main screen. In addition, the launcher app for android.

The recent panel displays any recently opened media or contacts. The Microsoft Launcher app’s finest feature syncs with your complete Microsoft account. Put another way, you can get a tailored feed, see your search results, and do a lot more.

The best launcher for pixel main disadvantage of utilizing Microsoft launchers is that it does not allow as much customization as some of the other best Android launchers.

8. Poco Launcher 2.0 

Poco Launcher 2.0 

This is another free a fast launcher, dependable, and simple to use. Xiaomi’s Poco devices come with the Poco launcher pre-installed.

You can organize the apps by category and color in a drawer, making it simple to find what you’re looking for. Users can also use the great Search function to find programs quickly. Aside from that, you can also hide app icons.

Users most customizable android launcher won’t see Google Feed on the home screen, so you should check other launcher programs if that’s important to you. Overall, the launcher is rather nice, and it is one of the fastest on Android. There is, however, the potential for development.

9. Square Home

Square Home

Square Home is for you if you’ve ever used a Windows 10 phone. On the home screen of the launcher app, some tiles look like they’re from Windows 10. You can alter their size, color, and transparency level, among other things. It is without a doubt one of the best free Android launchers if you own a tablet.

This is very useful to those who have poor vision. You can resize the icons or download android launcher without ads an icon pack from the Google Play Store. There’s also the option of adding a quick contact page. Aside from that, the notification count is displayed on the tiles. You may also organize the app drawer, with the most frequently used apps appearing first. Overall, Square Home is a one-of-a-kind launcher app worth checking out.

10. Lawnchair 2


The Lawnchair launcher is the only Pixel-like launcher that comes close to giving all of the Google Pixel’s features, including Google Discover’s “At a Glance” widget and others.

As a third-party launcher, it offers more customization options than the original Pixel launcher, such as variable grid, icon size, notification dots, and so on, making it even better than the original Pixel launcher.

Apart from that, dark theme support, Sesame (universal search), and Pixel-like app actions are now available. The app drawer in the Lawnchair Launcher 2.0 has drawer categories (tabs and folders). Overall, the Lawnchair launcher for Android is the greatest launcher for Pixel enthusiasts android phone launcher.

11. BaldPhone 


BaldPhone is an open-source launcher designed for the elderly, motor issues, and others who require a visual aid. On the home screen, the launcher features larger icons and all of the necessary functionalities. Users can, however, personalize the home screen according to their tastes.

There are no adverts because the Android launcher is open-source, and the developers state that “it is solely a goodwill product.” Despite the fact that the program requests a lot of permissions, considering its open-source nature, one can expect that their data will not be harmed.

Unlike the other Android apps listed here, this launcher app is only accessible on the F-Droid market. BaldPhone is one of the greatest Android launchers for folks who have trouble with the standard UI in 2021.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any nice launchers for Android?

Depending on your Android device, third-party launchers can be beneficial or detrimental. Installing a loaded launcher on a budget device that already has performance concerns, for example, will most likely slow it down. Apart from that, a third-party launcher could be used for harmful purposes. Launchers, on the other hand, are generally good for Android.

Do launchers deplete the battery?

A large launcher might drain the battery of your Android handset pixel launcher review. If battery life is a key concern, opt for a lightweight and simple launcher.


Most top paid launchers for android launchers these days have a very similar look and feel. However, most popular launcher program always has some customization choices that are unique to it. Then there are launchers like Niagara and Evie that focus on design rather than overloading users with customizing options. We new launcher for android recommend that consumers test out all of the top Android launchers listed above to see which one works best for them.

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