11 Best Media Players for Windows in 2021

11 Best Media Players for Windows in 2021

Hundreds of video player media streaming apps are available nowadays that allow you to stream your favorite content. Still, many users want to know about the best video player and top media players for Windows in 2021. If you are among those people, then you have landed on the right page video player for PC.

Some people are interested window media player app in limited music apps that allow them to play several movies and camera videos easily. However, we want to focus on some of the best media players for windows that can play all videos free movie player regardless of format and pixels.

11 Best Media Players for Windows in 2021

Our tech experts have searched and compiled a list of media players that can do well for windows users. Let’s dive and explore the features of these media player apps.

1. PotPlayer


The feature-rich video player for PC, developed by the South Korean business Kakao, could give VLC a run for its money. PotPlayer best player windows has a lot of customization features that you can use to make the software your own. PotPlayer can give optimal performance and a lightweight experience by utilizing CUDA, QuickSync, and DXVA.

Best media player PotPlayer video player, media players for windows 8 may be less popular than VLC, but it may support even more file types. It’s an excellent movie player software for the widely used MP4/FLV/AVI/MKV formats. You may select from various sound cards, bookmark and preview your favorite moments, and much more.

The vlc media player for PC video player can also play 3D videos and works with a variety of 3D glasses. It also has a plethora of keyboard shortcuts and hotkeys. But what distinguishes VLC from PotPlayer?

2. VLC Media Player

VLC Media Player

Best media player VLC latest media player surely merits a mention among the most significant media players of 2021, vlc player download windows 10 64 bit given its abundance of features, configurable skins, and helpful customization options. For years, it has been at the top of the popularity charts.

VLC Media Player is the best and open-source media player that runs on all major operating systems. VLC Media Player is a multimedia player developed by the VideoLAN project that supports a wide range of audio and video compression methods and file types. VLC has garnered a reputation as the “play everything” video player, including 3D videos, throughout the years. Not to mention the ability to take screenshots of your desktop.

Undoubtedly, video player VLC is one of the best PC media players since it is quick and easy to use and does not require any tedious steps. You may use VLC to stream content from online sites like YouTube, in addition to playing local content.

3. Media Player Classic – Black Edition

Media Player Classic – Black Edition

Best media player Media Player Classic – the best multimedia player for windows Black Edition is a fork of Media Player Classic that carries on the now-defunct Windows 10 media player tradition. MPC-BE is likewise based on the MPC – Home Cinema edition, which was previously on our list but is no longer available.

In any case, MPC-BE is a small but capable video player for Windows 10 and earlier versions. It has a dark-themed user interface that looks and feels a little like Windows Media Player.

The media player for all format open-source media player originally appeared in 2012, best mp3 and mp4 players and it supports a wide range of audio and video formats, hardware decoding, deinterlacing, and frequent software updates.

MPC-BE provides a built-in subtitle search, seek bar previews, and you can modify anything from the logo to the window and video color correction, among other things. It can be accessed through the Windows Command Prompt and contains built-in support for the Youtube-dl command, which you can download content from the media viewers video-sharing site.

4. KMPlayer


Another excellent and free Windows 10 media player is KMPlayer, practically playing all popular video and music formats. If you want to improve compatibility, you can utilize external codecs. It has 3D, 4K, and UHD support and a 64-bit version that can play videos at up to 8K 60 frames per second on PCs with capable hardware.

Best media player KMPlayer is also known for its extensive format support. You have a vast range of audio and video effects to pick from, ensuring that no feature or support is lacking.

You may media plyer free download favorite parts of videos, have them repeat, remap the keys for the remote interface, and so on. Within KMPlayer, you can also edit video subtitles. KMPlayer, a free media player, first released in 2002, was acquired by Korean streaming company Pandora TV in 2007.

5. GOM Media Player


Best media player GOM Player, also known as Gretech Online Movie Player, is a free Windows media player that supports most video and audio formats. It can play all of the most common video formats, such as AVI, MKV, MP4, FLV, MOV, and so on.

It has all of the standard features seen in other famous PC media players. On the other hand, GOM Player includes several complex capabilities such as A-B repeat, Media Player Capture, speed control, audio/video effects, and screen capture. It also enables users to change skins and personalize the overall appearance of the windows media playerfree video player GOM Player.

You can download a large number of subtitles from GOM’s collection to watch movies and TV series in your favorite language. You can also connect this fantastic media player for Windows 10 to the vast OpenSubtitles.org database.

6. DivX Player

DivX Player

It presents itself as the best hd video player first media player of its kind to enable free HEVC playback. The DivX player, of course, is specialized in playing video files in the most popular formats, including MP4, MKV, DivX, and AVI.

This popular and helpful media player also supports UltraHD (4K) playback. DivX also functions as a streaming media player, allowing you to stream music, video, and photos to any device that supports DLNA.

Furthermore, mediapalyer 10 the DivX player includes advanced features such as Trick Play, which allows you to jump to your favorite scenes quickly. You may easily switch between scenes thanks to the support for Chapter Points.

Its remarkable media library keeps records of both private and paid video content. Because various audio is supported, you can easily swap between different soundtracks.

7. Plex


Best media player Plex makes it simple to manage your large media collection, which can include videos, TV shows, movies, photos, personal videos, and music, among other things. It neatly organizes your collections and gives them a media player for computer professional appearance. You may choose what to make public and give your family access because of its easy-to-share nature.

Video player Plex’s selling point is its ad-supported free streaming service, including free movies and TV series from major studios like Warner Bros., Lionsgate, and MGM.

Aside from that, player fm this contender for the best video player for PC supports nearly every file type, including korean media player center windows 10 Hi-Fi music and video formats. You may cast the videos to your larger TV screen because Chromecast is supported. It is undoubtedly amongst the best media players for Windows.

8. Kodi

Best Media Players for Windows

Kodi is a free and open-source media player on our list is Kodi, formerly known as XBMC. It’s a highly customizable media player that gives you a media center-like experience on your video player laptop or desktop. If you miss Windows Media Center on Windows 10, Kodi is a fantastic replacement.

Because of its 10-foot user interface, Kodi is a strong contender for the best media player for streaming, and it’s even better if you’re using it with an external, larger display. Kodi has recently made news as a result of piracy-supporting pre-loaded Kodi boxes and add-ons.

Kodi hp media player download can play practically any movie or music format and podcasts and other digital media that are stored locally or on the internet. For the first-generation Xbox game system, Kodi was created independently as Xbox Media Center. This recommended media player also has plugins that extend its capabilities and add features such as free movie player Netflix, YouTube, Hulu, Veoh, and others.

9. 5KPlayer

Best Media Players for Windows

Another Windows 10 media player worth mentioning on the list is 5KPlayer. As the name suggests, it is a top-rated video player for Windows 10 because it is extremely compatible with various video codecs and formats. While it lacks the capabilities of VLC or PotPlayer, it can play most audio and video files without the need for extra plugins.

The best pc multimedia player 5KPlayer has a very clean and simple user interface.  You may also import videos and music from YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, MTV, and other websites using 5KPlayer. MP4, MOV, M4V, MP3, AAC, and other standard formats are supported.

10. MediaMonkey

Best Media Players for Windows MediaMonkey

Keeping your media organized is your primary goal; this freemium program could be a good option among the several free media players for Windows 10. MMW, which stands for MediaMonkey for Windows, is another video players for name for the video mediaplayer.

MediaMonkey for Windows PC, like other popular mediaplayer software movie players, can expand its functionality through plugins. You can use them to improve the player’s appearance, device support, and playback and add new music discovery features. Party mode is also available local media player, and the player can sync with Android and iOS devices. It is one of the best media players for Windows.

11. Movies and TV

Best Media Players for Windows Movies and TV

Last but not least,free streaming media player there’s media player soft ware Windows 10’s built-in media player, “Movies and TV.” The video player has a simple, elegant design that makes it easy to manage personal videos on a PC.

Of course, the 64 bit media players Windows video player is missing a few features that you’d find in other video players. It does, however, have some unique features video player for windows, such as Xbox support and media sync for viewing content on the video player mobile app.

Aside from that, it has a mini mode that keeps videos at the top of the screen while multitasking. It also supports a variety of formats, including 360-degree videos.

FAQ about the Best Media Players for Windows

How can I get Windows Media Player 12 on my computer?

You can install WMP 12 as an optional feature on Windows 10 to get it on your computer. To add optional features, go to Settings > Apps > Optional Features > Add Optional Features. Then, on the list, select Windows Media Player and click Install.

What is the best media player for Windows 7 32-bit?

While 32-bit operating systems are becoming less popular video player for windows 10, popular media players such as good media player VLC, PotPlayer, best media player freeware, and Kodi have 32-bit versions that function smoothly on Windows 7.

Final words

Because there is so much software available for the media player for windows 10 platform, picking the proper one for your computer is difficult. Due to the growing number of newer media formats, not all free media players can play all common file types, including MKV, FLV, AVI, MP4, MOV, and others.

An Best media player must be simple, intuitive, and lightweight in addition to being feature-rich. We can recommend an excellent video player for PC based on these factors, such as VLC, GOM, Media Player Classic, and so on. But what about their characteristics? As a result, we frequently receive letters asking, “Which is the greatest media player for Windows?”

So, which free media player do you think is the best? Which one do you prefer to media players watch movies and other forms of media? Don’t forget to voice your opinion and participate in the discussion.


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