10 Best Offline Messaging Apps For 2022

10 Best Offline Messaging Apps For 2022

It is impossible to have a 24/7 active internet connection amid signal issues and restrictions by the government. So if you want to contact others, what would you do without having active internet? Some best offline messaging apps provide you with the solution in this regard. Don’t worry if you are out of data or at a place where the internet is not working. TechBmw will present you with the best offline messaging apps In 2022.

After installing these apps on multiple devices, you can establish a mesh network in rural places with no cellular connectivity. This is how to send messages over multiple devices and easily reach the receiver’s device.

Essential: These apps do not require internet. However, you have to install and update them in advance to use them whenever you want.

Techbmw’s list of best offline messaging apps is as follow:

1. Bridgefy 


Bridgefy, an offline messenger, connects to other smartphones using the phone’s Bluetooth radio. After you’ve set up the app, you’ll be able to talk to other Bridgefy users within a 300-foot radius. On the other hand, the recipient must be on your contact list.

You can send single-person end-to-end encrypted messages or create a group to communicate with numerous individuals at once. This program can also be used to transfer photographs without requiring an active internet connection. You can use the app without creating an account; however, verifying your phone number will help you find other users faster.

Bridgefy also has a Broadcast mode, which allows you to deliver messages to all nearby users simultaneously. Those users who are not on your contact list can also use this feature. Bridgefy is the finest texting app for those who don’t have access to WiFi or data.

2. Meshenger 


Meshenger is another free offline messaging program that can come in handy when you don’t have access to the internet. This open-source app allows you to talk and text for free without using WiFi or data.

You can start free calling or messaging by just scanning each other’s contact QR-code. This program also encrypts all private chats, so no one can see what you’re talking about. The app has a night mode as well as a backup option.

Both participants must be on the same local network is a major disadvantage of this offline texting software. On the positive side, you don’t have to register to use Meshenger.

3. Two Way: Walkie Talkie

Two Way: Walkie Talkie

This offline communication tool that converts your phone into a live walkie-talkie has a simple setup. Because the Two Way does not require an email address or a phone number, this is the case.

Turn on a random channel and share it with your pals. Simply push and hold the Talk button until it turns green, then say your line. The other individual must follow suit.

Encryption and privacy are two things you shouldn’t anticipate here. The walkie-talkie communication is open, and anyone who inputs the same channel number on their device will listen in on your chats.

Aside from that, the app is a simple answer for persons trapped in natural disasters or traveling across sparsely populated mountain ranges.

4. Briar


Brair, like Bridgey, is a free offline chat program that does not require phone number verification for off-the-grid conversation. Simply input your name and create a password, and you’re ready to send text messages without the need for an internet connection or cellular service.

Briar allows you to exchange messages over the internet, but it also functions as a terrific Bluetooth texting app. You can scan a QR code on another person’s device to add new contacts, which removes the potential of an unknown individual connecting with you.

It also includes a shared link for adding not physically present contacts. This open-source program also allows you to build forums for asking inquiries and write blog articles without leaving the app.

5. Rumble


Rumble, a free and open-source app for communities, bills itself as a completely off-the-grid microblogging app. It can be useful for those who want to evade a government shutdown or internet surveillance.

Rumble allows people to communicate freely and swap photographs without needing a cellular network after connecting with WiFi or Bluetooth. For some users, the sole drawback is that the software hasn’t been updated in a long time. Despite this, it effectively completes the task.

6. Serval Mesh

Serval Mesh

Serval Mesh is an open-source offline chat program that may be used without an internet connection. If you want to communicate with other nearby devices, the app uses Bluetooth and the phone’s WiFi.

You can make free calls, send free messages, and exchange files once the recipient is linked to the mesh network. Serval Mesh has a major flaw in that a new version of Several hasn’t been released in three years. In other words, the developers are no longer maintaining the project. You may still use it for offline messaging, though.

7. Firechat


FireChat is a cutting-edge Android chatting software that works offline. This offline messaging app leverages Bluetooth and peer-to-peer WiFi to create a mesh network if you want to send data. It functions by bouncing signals from one device to the next until they reach the intended recipient.

As a result, as more individuals use FireChat, the network grows larger and faster. It’s an app that’s perfect for finding large groups of people on a school campus or public transportation. This app claims to use the iPhone’s built-in radio to communicate. Firechat can reach a maximum radius of 210 feet. This app supports peer-to-peer communication. When more users use FireChat in a location, this app provides more coverage technically.

8. Hike


The Hike is a fun Messenger with many cool features, including offline texting. It allows you to apply live filters to your images. 5000+ FREE Stickers to convey all of your feelings. Chat themes allow you to customize your chat window according to your mood.

There’s also a feature that lets you hide all of your private messages, making them only accessible with a password. Connection hike can send data to other users within 100 meters even if there is no internet. If the recipient has turned off his internet, the app will deliver the message as a standard SMS.

9. GO SMS Pro


GO SMS Pro is a simple, straightforward, and configurable tool with approximately 100 million users globally. The offline messaging software has hundreds of themes and allows you to encrypt your messages for privacy protection. Stick the crucial contacts to the top of the app for extra attention.

Send free messages and participate in group chats with the GO Chat support. To fix incorrect messages promptly, use the ‘Delay to send tool. You may also use the app to identify unfamiliar numbers and ban spam calls.

10. GroupMe


GroupMe is a free and easy way to stay in touch with the people that matter most to you. Start a conversation with someone using their phone number or email address right away. Choose the categories of notifications you want to receive and turn off the ones you don’t.

Chat from anywhere, using your phone or other devices. At groupme.com, you may effortlessly chat with your desktop or laptop. SMS talking is presently only available in the United States, and ordinary messaging fees apply. Share your memorable memories with the app and relive them whenever you want.

Most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) About Offline Messaging Apps

What are the advantages and disadvantages of using offline messaging apps?

To transmit and receive messages between devices, non-internet messaging apps mostly use Bluetooth and WiFi Direct technologies.

Is it possible to text without a signal or WiFi?

Yes, some apps allow users to send and receive text messages over alternative channels, such as Bluetooth.

Without an internet connection, how do you use Facebook Messenger?

The Facebook Messenger app can also be used as your phone’s default SMS app. So, in a sense, you may use it to send/receive text messages without utilizing the internet.

Conclusion: Offline Messaging Apps

So there you have it: several offline messaging apps to help you get through an internet outage in India or a natural disaster. Even if we ignore the drawbacks, these Bluetooth messaging and walkie-talkie apps can be useful when hiking with your friends.

Offline messaging apps might come in handy in various situations where you don’t have access to the internet. They do, however, have limitations. There is an additional security risk, and it is not the safest solution. Offline messaging apps have a limited range and cannot be relied upon to transmit messages to people worldwide.

If these restrictions are acceptable to you, you should try using Two Way or Meshenger. They certainly have their limitations, yet they function when you need them to.


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