10 Best Video Players Ads for Android 2022

10 Best Video Players Ads for Android 2022

There were days when we had to decrease the quality of videos to play them on our mobile phones. You can still use this option, but there are other options available. For example, you can utilize the best video players for Android without ads. These best video player for android best video players use the powerful processors of your smartphone to play all video formats easily android box apps.

10 Best Video Players Ads for Android 2022

You can also get a built-in video player on Android, but it is helpful to download third-party video players if you are not happy. So Techbmw has curated a list of the best video players for Android without ads that you may want to use.

1. MX Player

MX Player

MX Player has a simple and intuitive user interface. It can play practically any video or audio file format. MX Player is credited with being one of the first video players for Android to allow multi-core decoding.

MX Player best video player for android also has several features, such as subtitle support, scroll forward/backward, zoom in/out to adjust text size, and gesture controls, such as pinching and swiping across the screen to zoom in out. It also has a kid lock on the screen. The app is ad-supported and available for free. It also media player for android includes additional plugins for enhanced functionality android videos.

MX Player has just entered the streaming sector with its original material and content from other labels media player app for android. That is why, media players for android tablets in 2022, it will remain at the top of our list of best video players.

2. VLC Android video player

10 Best Video Players Ads for Android 2022


VLC app for androidis an open-source, cross-platform video player that supports various video and audio formats. This media player enables users to organize their media library and stream over the network (including adaptive streaming). The movie player window 4k video player android is well-designed and can play videos in full-screen mode, with gesture-based controls for volume and brightness adjustment.

It contains a built-in five-band equalizer and compatibility for multi-track audio and subtitles. VLC is a complete suite that is suitable for all users. VLC offline video player best video player for android should be your first choice if you’re seeking the finest video player for Android without advertisements.

3.  AllCast 

 10 Best Video Players Ads for Android 2022 AllCast 

AllCast is a powerful video player; it lets you stream videos from your phone or tablet. You may use this to cast films to Chromecast, Roku, Apple TV, Xbox, and other DLNA-enabled devices. You may also do a reverse cast by streaming a video to your smartphone from one of your other devices.

The app’s sole drawback is that it displays advertisements when casting videos. However, media player for android phones if you want a more flawless experience, you can upgrade to the premium version. Apart from films, phone video players it also supports other media formats, allowing you to browse images and listen to music from local or cloud storage.

4.  BSPlayer 

10 Best Video Players Ads for Android 2022 BSPlayer 

It has hardware-accelerated video playback, which improves speed and saves battery life. It can play practically any major media file format (video and audio), as well as multiple audio streams, subtitles, playlists, and several playback settings.

BS Player best video player for android also allows users to modify video playback by using multiple skins. The user interface is straightforward and easily customizable, with various themes to choose from free video players for android. Multitasking is made easier with the app’s “pop-out” feature android play video. This Android movie player app’s lite edition is free movie player apps, mobile media player but it contains advertisements video player for android tab.

5. XPlayer 

 10 Best Video Players Ads for Android 2022 XPlayer 

It may store your videos in a secure folder. The option to download subtitles is available, and the subtitles can be customized.

It apps player can easily play all mx video player for android video formats, and users have noted that it can also play HEVC X265 without lag. It enables you to change the volume, brightness, and playback speed. You can sort video by name, date, and size and display it as a list or grid andriod video. With in- best video player app purchases, the app is free best media player for android.

6. FX Player

FX Player

FX Player can smoothly play high-definition videos, including 1080p and 4K video formats. It has a fantastic pop-up playback feature that allows you to watch films on a floating screen while using other apps simultaneously.

While in the floating window, video player app you can even resize the movie playing screen and access video playback options. It has support for all popular video/audio formats and codecs and an External Codec Pack that you can apply via settings.

The FX player also comes with a video locker and video concealing feature. Subtitle downloader, Chromecast support, Internal Hardware Acceleration, Multi-track Audio, video players apk and many other features are included. FX Player is one of the greatest free Android video players; however, it does contain advertisements hd player for android.

7. KMPlayer 


KMPlayer is yet another excellent Android video player that works with a wide variety of file formats and codecs. It includes a library reader that recognizes files automatically and cloud storage support. You can look at what’s on your Google Drive. Subtitle compatibility, playback speed adjustments, one-finger gesture volume control, brightness control, and other features are also included. It can play high-definition videos and is available in 30 languages best video player app android.

KMPlayer now has a new feature movie player app known as KMP Connect. It’s a service that lets you watch movies on your computer from your phone. In general, the app is simple to use android movie players and has no in-app purchases. It does, however, show advertisements.

8. PlayerXtreme


Xtreme is another excellent Android video player that supports various video formats. It’s also a fantastic music player. The free video player supports hardware acceleration and multi-core decoding. There’s also multi-track support, subtitle gestures, background video playback, an audio boost of up to 200 percent, and a slew of other features you’d expect from a top Android video player.

Another advantage of the Xtreme media player is its user-friendly interface best video player for android 2018. There are other theme options. During my testing, I discovered that the Android app could not read my media files. I had to play files from the directory by hand.

9. Kodi 

If you’re looking for the greatest media player for Android, another open-source alternative is Kodi. If you’re a beginner to the world of the best software, here’s a quick primer on how to use Kodi.

In a word, video player for android tv aside from playing offline content, you can stream movies, view TV shows, live channels, play games, and do a lot more. However, best multimedia player android you will need to install Kodi add-ons (here are some of the best ones.)

While there aren’t many basic video playback functions, it’s a fantastic tool for watching local stuff. Kodi automatically brings posters, fan art, and trailers to the video player downloader for android imported media, among other things. Another advantage of Kodi is that it is available on almost all major platforms, video players apk allowing you to stream content virtually anywhere.

10.  MPV-Android video player 


MPV-android is the last app on our list of the best video players for Android. The Android app is 100% free and does not contain any advertisements.

Unlike the other Android video player applications on this list, this one has a very minimal UI with only a few essential choices. When it comes to video playback, though, it is no different. Hardware and software video decoding, gesture-based control, subtitle support, and background video playback are all included in MPV.

You may modify the contrast, saturation, and gamma of a video in addition to changing the brightness. Overall, best app to watch videos MPV-Android is one of the greatest ad-free Android video players.

Most Frequently Asked Questions

Is VLC superior to MX Player?

Both players are excellent best free media player for android when it comes to functionality, compatibility, and quality. The only difference between these two android tv media players apps is that the best video player app for android VLC player works best on a PC, while the MX player is designed for Android.

Which video player is the best for all formats?

The VLC media player for Android is by far the best video player for all formats. It can, google video player app for example, android media player play 360-degree videos, movies, and films with resolutions of up to 8K, as well as compressed file types video players for android free download.


Here our list of the best video players for Android comes to an end. TechBmw hopes you get the best media player for your Android device. Keep visiting us for other exciting articles best app for watching videos, Goodbye!



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