EZTV Proxy List 2022: Access New EZTV Proxies Site

EZTV Proxy List 2022: Access New EZTV Proxies Site

EZTV streaming sites and services are the most popular platforms to access your desired content. But torrent sites are not reliable, and they vanish after a while. People hesitate to search torrent sites amid viruses and other issues. Today we will talk about EZTV torrent sites and EZTVproxy to access this site.

EZTV is a torrent site that the authorities have banned for hosting illegal copyrighted material. Since it was against the laws, you can’t access it in various regions. But there are alternatives and EZTV proxy to visit this torrent site.

TechBmw will teach you how to utilize proxies to access the new EZTV site. We’ve compiled a list of 100% functioning EZTV proxy sites below, which will allow you to access the website even if it’s not working in your region.

Since authorities became aware of the torrent proxy site, the EZTV torrent site has changed its domain, rendering it unreachable to many people around the world.

EZTV Proxy List

The torrent sites listed in this article are solely for educational purposes. We do not recommend that you use them to download copyrighted content.

How Do I Get To EZTV’s New Website?

ISPs in some areas have blocked the original EZTV site, as have other prominent torrent sites. You can now utilize the EZTV as mentioned above proxy sites to access the new EZTV site. These proxy websites function by routing your internet traffic through a proxy server, masking your originating IP address from the target website. You may visit the EZTV torrent site and download your favorite torrent files using our EZTV proxy list.

Best EZTV Alternatives In  2022

If you can’t access the EZTV torrent site, here are some other options for downloading torrents in 2021. These EZTV Alternatives are ideal for torrent audio, video, and documents downloads.

1. The Pirate Bay

EZTV Proxy List 2022: Access New EZTV Proxies Site


The Pirate Bay is a most popular torrent site on the internet. The website EZTV Alternatives offers a simple method of downloading torrent files. The torrent search engine has many torrent files and a very user-friendly interface. When EZTV is unavailable, you can use The Pirate Bay without hesitation.

2. Kickass Torrents

EZTV Proxy List 2022: Access New EZTV Proxies Site

Another well-known torrent site, Kickass Torrent, requires no introduction. Many torrent fans like the decade-old torrent site. Torrent files of various genres, such as movies, games, music, and documents, can be found here. However, due to the fact that the original website was shut down long ago, Kickass Torrent is frequently inaccessible in some parts of the world. As a result, we propose using Kickass Proxy sites in this situation.

3. 1337x 

EZTV Proxy List 2022: Access New EZTV Proxies Site 1337x 

1337x, or LEET known among the torrent community, is a popular torrent destination for individuals looking to download movies. The EZTV Alternatives torrent site serves a vast audience by providing a wide range of torrent files. 1337x offers a clean user interface, and we highly recommend it if you want to torrent without being bothered by adverts. If you cannot access the torrent site for whatever reason, you can use the 1337x proxy list that we have provided to assist you.

4. Yify 

EZTV Proxy List 2022: Access New EZTV Proxies Site Yify 

Yify is a prominent torrent site that has grown in popularity over the last few years. One of the reasons for this is the easiness with which this torrent site may be used. On Yify’s website EZTV Alternatives, there is a dedicated section to see the most recent movie trailers. If you want to see the latest movie trailers and download movies, Yify is one of the greatest torrent sites.



RARBG is the third EZTV alternative on our list, and it was created to allow you to meet your media streaming needs in no time, no matter where you are in the world. The website lets users to search for and download high-quality torrents at their leisure. Don’t forget that you may subscribe to FastestVPN to avoid being bombarded with intrusive adverts and pop-ups while protecting your computer from malicious software. RARBG has everything, whether it’s your favorite TV show or movie.

6. Subs Movies

Subs Movies

Subs Movies is a well-designed streaming service EZTV Alternatives with a large library of TV series and movies. However, there are a lot of adverts and pop-ups on the page, which might be unpleasant. However, by using FastestVPN, you should be able to bypass this issue and continue to watch all of your favorite movies and shows.

7. BTScene


With millions of users worldwide, BTScene never fails to deliver when it comes to watching all of your favorite movies and TV episodes for free. BTScene is designed with the client in mind, ensuring that you are constantly satisfied and delighted. Additionally, you may enhance your media streaming wishes by subscribing to FastestVPN, which will ensure that geo-restrictions do not restrict you.

8. Toorgle


This EZTV Alternative is the place to be if you ever need to employ mirror torrenting sites. Toorgle is a torrenting website designed to make your user experience as memorable as possible. Their website contains features such as a torrent search bar, ensuring instant access to all of your favorite TV episodes, movies, and songs. Similarly, you may use FastestVPN to bypass any restrictions while simultaneously protecting your PC from malicious software.

Frequently Asked Questions about EZTV Proxy

 Has EZTV been decommissioned?

Although the original EZTV website was shut down in 2015, you can still view it through proxy and mirror sites. You can, however, utilize the EZTV proxy sites described above to download torrents from the torrent site.

How do I get on to EZTV?

You can use the torrent site’s proxy sites to access the new EZTV site. All of the proxy sites listed above were fully functional at the time of writing.

What are some decent alternatives to EZTV?

If you cannot access the EZTV torrent site for whatever reason, you can try The Pirate Bay, Kickass Torrent, 1337x, and other similar sites. In this article, we’ve discussed some EZTV Alternatives.


You probably think which of the EZTV Alternatives we highlighted is the greatest fit for you. Let us FastestVPN be your guide to ensuring you get the most out of any of these torrenting sites, regardless of what you choose. Whether it’s virus protection, 24/7 customer service, P2P optimized servers that allow you to torrent anonymously, or ad-blocking capability, there’s something for everyone. Whatever the issue may be, you can now watch and enjoy your favorite TV episodes, movies, documentaries, and more.


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