Free Proxy List 2021 & Proxy Servers To Hide IP Address

Free Proxy List 2021 & Proxy Servers To Hide IP Address

With the internet now being a hotspot to collect information and an ever-increasing rush to acquire data, it’s more important than ever to discover a way to disguise your digital fingerprints, especially if you care about your privacy. There are various ways to browse the internet anonymously, but if you’re looking for free proxy list ones, your options are restricted. Using a free proxy is one of the safest solutions. However, the free proxy can provide you list of proxy sites with an easy way to keep yourself hidden on the internet.

Proxy servers provide a simple way of hiding your IP address and browsing the web without being tracked by trackers or websites. You may easily locate free proxy lists on the internet, but finding a list of free proxies that actually function must be a stroke of luck.

Free Proxy List 2021 & Proxy Servers To Hide IP Address

Many people use free proxy lists, including data scrapers and those who want to evade paywalls or rate limits, however, a free proxy server or free proxies have several drawbacks. Because your PC’s incoming and outgoing traffic will be accessible to it, you need to be sure you’re utilizing trustworthy proxies. To make things easier for you, we’ve put together a free proxy list that you may use for a variety of purposes.

1. Free Proxy 

Free Proxy 

There is no better site than ‘Free Proxy’ if you wish to use a data scraper bot. As the name implies, the website provides access to a large number of proxy servers (7350 at the time of writing).

HTTP, HTTPS, SOCKS4, and SOCKS5 are only a few of the protocols available. Level 1 (Elite), Level 2 (Anonymous), and Level 3 (Invisible) anonymity levels are available on the Free Proxy website (Transparent).

There is also the option free proxy server of selecting free proxies based on a specific country. The free proxy server website’s user interface is well-designed, and it displays information such as anonymity level, speed, uptime, response, and the last time the free proxy was verified or updated.

2. ProxyScrape 


ProxyScrape is a well-known name among individuals who look for free proxy lists on a regular basis. The fact that all of the proxies mentioned on this site are regularly tested eliminates the possibility of finding a free proxy that doesn’t work. A proxyscrape proxy server list can be found here for a variety of reasons, including providing an extra layer of security to your internet traffic, scraping data from a website without hurting it, and more. You can proxyscrape give this free proxy a try.

3. ProxyNova


Another website server proxy list where you can acquire a list of highly working free proxies is ProxyNova. Every day, the website examines over a million proxy servers, with the majority of proxies being checked every 15 minutes and the proxy list is updated every 60 seconds.

You may filter proxies by country and anonymity degree on the ProxyNova website. On the homepage, you’ll see options like proxy speed, proxy port, uptime, proxy nation, and anonymity level. The majority of the top proxies on the proxy url list website are only a few minutes old.

However, unlike the other sites on this list, ProxyNova free proxies must be actively updated and does not renew automatically.

4. SSL Proxy 

SSL Proxy 

In comparison to the other free gaming proxy sites featured below, the quantity of free proxies offered on this website is very low. The website hosts proxies from many nations across the world with only 100 free proxy sites.

SSL Proxy proxy site has recently developed a new product called Rotating Proxy to compete with other free proxy services. Rotating Proxy operates like a conventional HTTP(s)/Socks5 proxy and does not require any software. It does, however, proxy server address have 3252 reliable IPs and enables IP/Pass authentication and country filtering. Fast-rotating proxies and slow-rotating proxies are the two forms of rotating proxies.

5. free web proxy does not require an introduction in a list of free proxy servers, and its inclusion here should not come as a surprise. Because the website primarily concentrates on VPNs, which is another technique to mask your digital presence on the internet, you’ll find the free proxy tool under the VPN apps section.

To access a site anonymously on, type the URL into the text field, select a country (the options are limited), and select one of the other proxy websites options – allow cookies, encrypt URL, encrypt page, delete scripts, remove objects. now has Chrome and Firefox plugins that allow you to instantly access a website anonymously from within your browser.

6. HMA 


Hide My Ass, or HMA, is a famous website that allows users to circumvent internet censorship. HMA provides a free proxy service that allows you to hide your IP address and route your internet traffic through a proxy server.

Enter the proxy website in the textbox to use the free proxy server service. Then, in the connection setting menu, select whether you want to enable cookies, disable scripts, or encrypt the URL.

Individual users who want to unblock banned websites new york proxy ip in their region can use HMA’s proxy servers. Other enlisted websites that offer a free proxy server list might be used for professional reasons.

7. Open Proxy Space

Open Proxy Space

If you’re looking for free proxy lists, the Open Proxy Space is the place to go. This website provides a list of constantly updated proxies, as well as the ability to upload your own proxy sites. You can select from a number of nations on the internet.

On Open Space Proxy, free proxies are displayed in order of when they were last updated. It goes without saying that the older the proxy servers are, the less likely they are to work. Following the selection of a batch based on the time of update, the proxy website next step is to select a country. If you want to use the IPs in an API, you can also export them as text.

8. ProxyScan 


ProxyScan is a typical website that provides users with a free proxy list of over 5000 proxies. It checks all of the proxy sites it offers every 10 minutes.

This open proxy server website was included in the list because of the parameters it provides for selecting the best proxy site. You can use ping, nation, city, kind, and degree of anonymity as parameters.

Other tools available on the free vpn proxy server list website include a proxy detector, proxy filter, and proxy scraper. Freshly added proxy sites are automatically updated on the webpage.

9. GatherProxy 


GatherProxy, like practically every other proxy site we’ve looked at, provides a table of free proxy IP addresses. The free proxy address method for categorizing these proxies is a little novel and refreshing. The site displays a list of the 50 most recently checked proxies, together with the date and time each proxy was updated, as well as the country of origin, anonymity level, uptime, and response times. There is a field for “city” information, but it is empty. Although the proxies are not changed that frequently, the page auto-refreshes every 30 seconds or so.

The addresses at the top of the list frequently have an update time of more than 5 minutes, yet it’s doubtful that most of the free proxies will stop operating in that time. GatherProxy presents uptime date as a ratio, with “L” for life and “D” for down on the left and right, respectively, instead of a percentage or bar graph. The array of tabs at the top of the screen, which includes: proxy by country, proxy by port, anonymous proxy, web proxy, and socks proxy website list, is the most powerful feature. When the user selects one of these options, a sub-page appears with links to filter the proxies depending on the criteria.

10. Kproxy


This appears to be the only free proxy server that is widely suggested. That does not imply that it is the best. However, it does imply that it is good enough to satisfy the majority of customers most of the time.
You can choose from ten servers with KProxy. You can choose from these and change them at any moment. As a result, even if you lose access to one server, you’re still safe. There are no speed restrictions, unlike other proxies. Furthermore, KProxy has a proven track record of avoiding detection and blockage by websites and ISPs.

KProxy servers can be accessed directly through the website, or a browser extension for Firefox or Chrome can be downloaded.

FAQs about the Free Proxy List

Which free proxy is the best?

There are a number of websites that provide free proxies. You can look up websites like Free Proxy, SSL Proxy, ProxyScrape, and ProxyScan in the list above.

 Is it safe to use a free proxy list?

The majority of free proxy lists provide unstable proxy sites, and you should not rely on these proxy servers for activities such as making payments or exchanging confidential information.

What is the best way to use a free proxy server?

Go to Settings> Advanced> System> Open your computer’s proxy settings to utilize a free proxy server in Google Chrome. Enter the proxy address and port under Manual proxy settings.

Can you tell me where I can get a proxy?

There are various websites on the internet that provide proxy sites. We’ve included 10 websites that provide free proxy lists above. To find proxy sites, go to sites like ProxyScrape, ProxyNova, ProxyScan, and Open Proxy Scan.


You can choose any free proxy from the list to keep your browsing safe and sound. Keep visiting Techbmw for other interesting material. Goodbye!


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