15 Best Google Tricks In 2021

15 Best Google Tricks In 2021

15 Best Google Tricks in 2021, Google is an essential part of every internet user’s life. When you want to search for something online, the first thing that comes to mind is Google. It needs no epic google trick introduction because of its credibility and google image trick large databases to feed our hunger for learning. But most users are unaware that besides google game search trick this information and cool things to search on google other benefits, some interesting hidden Google tricks exist.

Today, we have discovered those cool Google fun tricks,  entertainment searches, and games that Google provides to its users. Some users might ask the purpose and advantages of such Google tricks, well there is such purpose. It’s just a way googlefun to take a break from work, something you can use to impress others. Telling them, you know wizard of oz google trick something which they don’t know about Google.

This article will excite you google hacks 2020 because we have brought all the fun tasks you can perform using how to make google do tricks from Google. Let’s explore the list of amazing Google tricks given below.

1. Do a barrel roll

Google Tricks Do a barrel roll

Cool google tricks only asking Google to google tricks barrel roll is one of the most simple amusing Google tricks. Proceed to Google and type “perform a barrel roll” into the search box to witness the magic. The google barrel roll tilt page will rotate twice before returning to its previous location. Please take a look at it cool Google fun Tricks.

2. Atari Breakout

Google Tricks Atari Breakout

Thousands of board game changes exist, cool google tricks but no one can ever ignore the original Atari Breakout activity from the 1990s. You should not drop out on this if you’ve never had the chance before.

The contest is no longer available on Google search, but it is still possible on Google. Scroll down the site and tap on best Google fun Tricks Atari Breakout Game. You can see that all of the Google photos have been converted into blocks where you can play the classic game.

3. Askew

Google Tricks Askew

Another one google tricks of Google’s amusing gimmicks is Askew. To regard how your page tilts a small, type “Askew” into the Google search area. This tick may not be as exciting as some of Google’s other entertaining antics, but it’s google secrets great to see the world’s most famous search engine turning a little on your desktop.

4. Recursion


“To know recursion, you must understand recursion.” This Google procedure is for the I.T. professionals out there. If you Google “recursion,” you’ll get lost in an endless loop that looks a lot like recursion. The word “recursion” belongs to the act of repeating something. When searching for recursion, Google will unveil “did you mean recursion?” Again, it’s a google tricks Google game for all the geeks who understand what recursion is in the first place.

5. Google Gravity

Google Gravity

Gravity has a lot of applications, including on the Google site. Here’s how to bring Google to its knees once and for all — Type “Google Gravity” and then click the “I’m feeling lucky” button on the homepage. It will take you to “Google Gravity,” one of the fun projects. Hi-Res conducted a Chrome Experiment.

Many people are unaware that the Gravity trick is essentially a Google interactive search. Finding the options, on the other hand, could be a time-consuming effort.

6. Thanos


This thanos trick clever Google tricks is sure to delight Marvel fans everywhere. To find “Thanos snap trick,” go to Google and type in “Thanos snap trick.” Start to Marvel’s supervillain profile on the right-hand side of the page once you’ve landed at the search results.

Immediately, just below Google Images, click the “Gauntlet” symbol to witness Google disintegrate its page fun google games listings.

7. Anagram


It is one of those typical dad jokes that aren’t that humorous but yet make you laugh. So, here’s a Google Developers google tricks example.

When you type “Anagram” into Google, it wonders if you meant “Nag A Ram.” It’s just a made-up word that’s an anagram of the word “Anagram,” got it?

8. Zerg Rush

Zerg Rush

Although Zerg Rush appears to have vanished, you can find the interesting Google search on ElgooG, a Google mirror developed by All Too Flat.

Select Zeg Rush from the ElgooG menu. Several ‘o’s will begin to fall from the search bar, progressively devouring the entire page and leaving nothing behind. It’s entertaining to watch.

Alternatively, after typing “Zerg Rush” into the Google search field, click “I am feeling lucky” to access the secret Google trick.

9. Animal Sounds

Animal Sounds

Try searching for Animal Sounds on Google if you’re seeking something entertaining to do. You can play sounds of several species of animals, as the search query suggests.

Tap the volume icon next to the animal’s name when seeing the search results.

10. Cha-Cha Slide

Cha-Cha Slide

Do you wish to learn how to make some awesome dancing moves? In the featured box, look for Cha-Cha Slide and pick the Microphone icon. Continue to click on it and experiment with new moves with google tricks.

11. Google in 1988

Google in 1988

Have you ever wondered what it was like to use Google when it first launched in 1988? To see for yourself, type “Google in 1988” into the google skewed trick Google search bar.

There were only a few sites in the search results back in the day, as you can see. Furthermore, none of them featured any images.

12. Play Google Games

Play Google Games

Did you know that Google allows interactive google searches you to play games? Type in the game’s name and press the Play button. PAC-MAN, Minesweeper, Snake, Solitaire, and Tik tac toe are among the games available. One of the most effective Google search strategies is to play games.

13. Time-lapse


Timelapse is a new Google Earth tool google tricks that gives users to see a 37-year timelapse of how a particular location has changed. This tool may be used to track the growth of metro cities through time, deforestation, and the melting of ice in Antarctica, among other things.

It’s not technically a Google search technique, but it’s still a lot of fun. To utilize the function, go to Google Earth Timelapse and select the location you want to see a timelapse of.

14. Google Sky

Google Sky

Google Sky best google tricks allows funny google tricks you to see astronomical objects such as stars, constellations, galaxies, planets, and the Earth’s moon.

15. The trick F.R.I.E.N.D.S. Best Google tricks

The F.R.I.E.N.D.S trick

On the 25th anniversary of the classic sitcom “Friends,” Google devised this Easter egg. This would be perfect for a list of cool things to Google if I ever make one.

To activate the Easter egg, search for any sitcom character’s name followed by the phrase ‘friends.’ For instance if you fun google tricks search for “Ross Friends” or “Monica Friends,” a separate symbol for each character will appear on the right side of the desktop. You’ll be able to see it readily on a smartphone. To see the magic, click on the icon:

Users can also use this Google Search to look up “Friends Glossary” to find Friends-specific hilarious definitions of terms from the T.V program.

Conclusion of Google Tricks:

We are sure you didn’t know about the cool Google fun tricks list mentioned in our article. This article has revealed some of the best Google tricks list that are hidden inside the Google search engine. You can try these whenever you want. Time for me to go and search for another exciting fun things to do with google topic for you. Goodbye!


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