How to Know a Traffic Accident on Apple Maps

How to Know a Traffic Accident on Apple Maps

How to Know a Traffic Accident on Apple Maps

Permit Apple to know wherever there’s an accident on your road trip.

Something to Know 

  • While utilizing turn-by-turn directions, tap the route card > Report > AccidentHazardSpeed Check, or Roadwork.
  • Or from the Map screen, touch the circled “i” in the uppermost right > Report an Issue > AccidentHazardSpeed Check, or Roadwork.
  • Say “Hey Siri, there’s an accident here,” and use CarPlay > the Report icon > AccidentHazardSpeed Check, or Roadwork.

This article includes guidance for how to know an accident on Apple Maps, including utilizing Siri and CarPlay to report accidents furthermore how to clear an accident.

 How to Report an Accident on Apple Maps

If you come crossed an accident on the highway while using Apple Maps in your vehicle, you can report it within the app. Once reported, Apple will decide the accident (taking into account reports from other drivers) and then maybe label it for everyone to notice on the app. Additional drivers will then receive a notification as they approach the location.

The following guidance thinks you already know how to use Apple Maps. You can report an accident direct in Apple Maps on your device. But, you can also use Siri or CarPlay if you’re driving.

The accident reporting features are now only available for Apple Maps users in the US and China region. Your device need also be running on iOS 14.5 or later.

  1. To report an accident when using turn-by-turn directions, type the route card at the bottom of the screen to pull up additional opportunities.
  2. To report one from the first Map screen, type the circled “i” in the top right corner.
  3. Tap Report or Report an Issue.
  4. Tap the most relevant incident type to choose it. You can pick from AccidentHazardSpeed Check, or Roadwork
  5. Unusual incident types may not be available, depending on your location.
  6. Apple Maps will utilize your GPS location to mark the map with the appropriate incident.

 Using Siri and CarPlay to Report Accidents on Apple Maps

If you’re driving, a more secure way to report an accident is to ask Siri to report it or use the CarPlay display in your transport if you have one. Siri is by far the most comfortable choice.

All you have to do is say, “Hey Siri, there’s an accident here,” or “Hey Siri, something is blocking the road.” Siri will do the rest for you.

If you’d instead report an accident on your CarPlay display while getting turn-by-turn directions, type the Report icon, which seems like a speech bubble with an outcry point in it. From there, you can order AccidentHazardSpeed Check, or Roadwork.

 Clearing Accidents 

If you get a notification in Apple Maps about an Traffic Accident on Apple Maps don’t see anything on the road, you can tell the app the accident has been cleared. The most obvious way to do this is by using Siri to say, “Hey Siri, the accident has been cleared.”

Instead, if you’d favor to do it from your device or CarPlay map, tap the label and then tap Cleared. If the accident appears to be there yet, you can alternatively tap Still Hither.

  Commonly Asked Questions 

  • Can I report a speed trap in Apple Maps? Okay. Use the same methods above to report an issue, then take Speed Check instead of Accident.
  • How do I see traffic on Apple Maps? Type the I icon in the upper-right corner to access settings, move to the Map tab, and make sure Traffic is toggled on. Orange lines represent traffic slowdowns, and red lines represent heavy traffic.
  • How do I turn on Apple Map notifications? To manage app notifications on iPhone, go to Settings > Notifications and choose the app. Make sure Allow Notifications is allowed.



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