Error Code RUNUNK13

Fix Hulu Error Code RUNUNK13: Complete Guide!

Hulu error code RUNUNK13 is among the Hulu error codes, meaning the service cannot play the movie or requested TV show. This error code often appears on iOS devices such as Apple TV and the iPhone. However, it can also appear on other devices, including the web player.

How the RUNUNK13 error on Hulu appears 

You will typically get a notice that looks somewhat like this when this mistake happens: 

Video playback error 

The video we were playing had a problem. Please choose another video to watch or try restarting the current one.

The RUNUNK13 error code on Hulu

Causes of the RUNUNK13 error code on Hulu 

Hulu error message when you attempt to play a movie or television program on Hulu and the player is unable to do so, and the message RUNUNK13 is displayed. Corrupt data on your end may bring on the error, problems with network connectivity, or issues with Hulu’s servers.

The episodes or movies may appear distorted when you try to play Hulu content that you have downloaded.

Hulu error code RUNUNK13 may occasionally arise due to an issue with the Hulu app or online player.

How to Resolve the RUNUNK13 Hulu Error 

Take each of these actions in turn to resolve the RUNUNK13 Hulu problem. You can quit watching if Hulu ever starts to function. If you read through and you’re still getting this error number, it’s most likely a Hulu issue rather than an issue on your end.

  1. Reload the video or refresh the page. Clear this error message frequently involves refreshing the Hulu website, leaving the page, and selecting your video. You’re done if it resolves the issue and doesn’t happen again.
  2. Try Hulu on a different computer or web browser to determine if the RUNUNK13 problem is exclusive to the ones you’re using. Change to that web browser or device if it is.

Note: You might be unable to resolve this issue if Hulu doesn’t function properly on your browsers or devices. 

  1. Delete the cache and data from the Hulu app. This is a crucial step because corrupt data frequently lead to this issue. If at all feasible, delete the Hulu app’s cache. If not, clearing the cache might require you to delete and reinstall the application. Restarting your device after you’ve shut it down could also be helpful.
    • On Apple TV, you are unable to remove the Hulu cache. Instead, choose Settings > System > Restart by pressing the menu and home keys simultaneously.
    • To delete and uninstall the Hulu app on iOS, go to Settings > General > Storage and select Hulu. Utilizing the app store, reinstall it.
    • To remove cache and storage on an Android device, navigate to Settings > Apps > See All Apps > Storage and Cache.
    • To use Hulu, go to Settings > Applications > Manage Installed Applications > Clear Cache > Clear Data on Fire TV.
  2. Upgrade your Amazon Fire Stick or Apple TV. Update your iOS app or your Android app while you’re at it. You can encounter this error code if your application is out-of-date. If necessary, uninstall and reinstall.
  3. Check for iOS updates or update Android. Check to see whether a newer version of the Hulu app is available once you’re using the most recent firmware for your device.
  4. Empty the cache in your web browser. Try emptying the browser cache if you’re using Hulu on a computer. You might be unable to play particular episodes or movies if the cache contains corrupt data.
  5. Upgrade your internet browser. If your browser is out-of-date, whether you’re trying to update Chrome, Firefox, or another one, it could prevent the Hulu web player from functioning properly. It may not always be necessary to update items; sometimes, merely closing and restarting the browser will do.

Tip: As Windows 10 upgrades, Edge will also, but you may also test Chromium Edge.

  1. Restart the computer. Shut down your device entirely, then restart it. Don’t merely put a computer to sleep when you’re finished with it; shut it down.

Note: You must unplug some streaming devices from power, wait approximately a minute, and then plug them back in if they don’t have an off button or a restart.

  1. Examine the network connection. This problem isn’t caused by slow internet, although Hulu needs a fast connection to function properly. You will encounter playback issues if your connection is sluggish.
  2. Check your internet speed using the same device displaying the RUNUNK13 error code. You should be okay on that end if your rates are higher than what Hulu requires as a minimum. You might still be experiencing a networking problem that stops you from connecting to Hulu’s servers.
  3. Restart the gear in your network. Restarting all of your network hardware will typically resolve connectivity issues. Unplug your router and modem from the power source and keep them off for at least 30 to 60 seconds to restart them properly. Reconnect the modem, the router, and any additional network devices you may have after that.
  4. Verify whether Hulu is unavailable. Right now, it appears likely that the RUNUNK13 issue points to a problem with Hulu rather than your computer. You can get in touch with Hulu or try looking on social media to confirm that.

What if Hulu is still unreliable? 

After completing all of these steps, if Hulu error code RUNUNK13 persists and there are no online discussions about outages, Hulu may be experiencing a more localized issue. Then you might wish to get in touch with them and provide them with any information you need.


What does Hulu’s error code 500 mean? 

A server error known as Hulu error code 500 may appear on the Hulu website or when you access the service through a streaming device. The only thing to do is reload the page to check if it loads. Make sure your internet connection is operational as well.

What does the error code p-dev320 on Hulu mean? 

A communication fault between your Hulu app or the Hulu online player and the main Hulu servers is indicated by the Hulu error code p-dev320. Check your internet connection as connectivity issues on your end may cause the error. An out-of-date Hulu app or a glitch on Hulu’s end could be the issue.

What does error 406 on Hulu mean? 

A connection issue is indicated by the Hulu error number 406. You might see if your TV’s operating system or your Hulu app needs to be updated. It might also indicate that the Hulu app is broken, your home internet isn’t functioning properly, or your streaming equipment is broken.





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