How to activate or deactivate Mac Dark Mode?

How to activate or deactivate Mac Dark Mode?

This article will guide how to make mac dark mode off or on and enable system settings that work with all apps. Some third-party apps may not be compatible with the dark mode option. You can apply this information how to make mac dark mode to Macs with macOS Mojave and later.

How to activate or deactivate Mac Dark Mode

Many individuals who experience eyestrain find¬† mac book Dark Mode easier on their eyes. Along with macOS Mojave, Apple added Dark Mode. Switching it on and off is simple how to make mac dark mode, even if Dark Mode isn’t always on Apple mac.

  1. Choose System Preferences from the Apple menu.Mac's Dark Mode
  2. On the System Preferences page, click General.Mac's Dark Mode
  3. To activate Dark Mode, click mac os DarkDark next to Appearance. Return to Light Mode by selecting Light.
  4. As soon as Dark Mode is selected, it is automatically applied to all windows, buttons, and menus, including the System Preferences panel.



Dark Mode usage

Dark Mode is supported by all Apple-provided apps, including Photos, Mail, Maps, and Calendar. Another step you can take if you wish for your Mac laptop to become completely dark is dim the desktop display. Using one of the dynamic desktop graphics or the dark static images supplied with macOS Mojave and later is a better option than selecting your dark custom image on the mac Desktop and mac book pro.

Concerning Dynamic Desktop Images

Dynamic desktop graphics adapt to the time of day, generating brighter desktops and darker wallpaper at night mac computers. However, the dynamic desktop pictures that come with your Mac can be configured to continuously show either a light or dark image.

You can improve the Dark Mode interface further if you select the dark desktop image.

  1. Start System Preferences, then choose Desktop & Screen Saver.Mac's Dark Mode
  2. Choose the Desktop tab, then look for the images for the Dynamic Desktop.
  3. After choosing a dynamic desktop image, choose dynamic from the drop-down box next to the significant thumbnail. As the day goes on, these visuals change from Light to DarkDark.How to make mac dark mode
  4. Select Dark (still) from the drop-down box next to the image thumbnail, or pick one of the dark Apple screens in the Desktop Pictures section below the Dynamic Desktop images, if you prefer to keep the Desktop completely dark. The image you choose appears on the Desktop after changing.

How to make mac dark mode

Sleeping in can help with eye strain.

There are more features in macOS besides Dark Mode that can reduce eye strain. To lessen weariness, Night Shift modifies your display’s white point balance and brightness according to the time of day. In the evening, it makes your display’s hues warmer.

Night Shift was initially available on iPhones and iPads before being added to macOS Sierra. Although Night Shift is frequently used with static desktop pictures, it also works well with a Dark Mode desktop to reduce eye strain and promote relaxation at night.

In System Preferences > Displays > Night Shift, enable the feature.

How to make mac dark mode

How to make mac dark mode

MacOS can automatically engage or disable dark mode depending on the day. Select the “Auto” option under the “Appearance” section of System Preferences > General.

Once you turn on this setting, macOS automatically activates dark mode at night. And macOS will be in Light mode when you turn on your Mac in the morning.

You can use the third-party software NightOwl to schedule the activation of dark mode. It is a menu bar tool that is free and compatible with macOS Mojave and later.

The mac book pro tool also functions as a quick switch for turning on and off dark mode in the menu bar. The menu bar can turn dark mode on or off by right-clicking the “NightOwl” symbol.

Once NightOwl is set up, and your rights have been granted, you may click the “NightOwl” button to turn on the “Scheduled” feature. Enter the time you wish to activate the Light or Dark mode after that.

How certain functions and apps interact with the Dark Mode

Specific Dark Mode settings or behaviors are available in some programs and features to make mac dark mode.

Mail. When Dark Mode is activated, open Mail, select Mail > Preferences, click the Viewing tab, and uncheck the box next to “Use dark backgrounds for messages.”

Maps. When Dark Mode is on, open Maps and select Maps > Preferences, then check the box next to “Always use light map appearance.” Deselect Use Dark Map by clicking View in the menu bar of Maps in earlier versions of macOS.



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