Top 15 Free Music Download Sites to free download music

Top 15 Free Music Download Sites to free download music

Hundreds of entertainment things are available on the internet, but music has a special place. There are tons of sites that allow users to free music download. But most of them are illegal and contain malicious ads that might harm your device. There are some options if you want to enjoy music without putting yourself at any risk or difficulty. Today we have searched some best mp3 music downloader or music download sites that allow you to download your favorite music safely.

How to download music for free?

Nowadays, many sites claim to provide free music downloads, but it’s hard to find the right one. Our tech specialists have created the list to find the best free music download sites available right now. You will find all information about such free music download sites in this article. These mp3 music download sites offer different features, and you can download your favorite music content with just a click.

Top 15 Music Download Sites to Download Free Music | 2021

Just dont worry if you are looking for the best music download sites. Let’s explore the list created by our specialists given below.

1. ReverbNation

Top 15 Free Music Download Sites to free download music ReverbNation

Names such as. Alabama Shakes, Imagine Dragons, etc., have benefited from this music website’s success. On ReverbNation, download music to phone they first gained notoriety by releasing their songs for free and amassing a large following. ReverbNation is one of the top free music download sites in 2021, offering a wide range of genres, but their pop, alternative, and hip-hop collections are particularly well-known.

2. SoundCloud 

Top 15 Free Music Download Sites to free download music SoundCloud 

SoundCloud is a famous music streaming service that also allows you to mp3 music downloads tracks for free. They often regard it as the most best Spotify alternative for getting free internet music.

Independent artists and well-known musicians post content to this online music streaming community.

3. Jamendo

Top 15 Free Music Download Sites to free download music Jamendo

The tracks on Jamendo Music are protected by a Creative Commons license so that you can download music from the site with confidence. All of the content on this site is independent music, so if you’re looking for mainstream tunes, you’ll have to look elsewhere or pay for them.

4. SoundClick 

Top 15 Free Music Download Sites to free download music

In 2021, SoundClick will be the best site to download music directly from various artist profiles mp3 music download. Several musicians on the platform soundclick instrumentals are giving away their music for free. You can also purchase licensed tunes or legally download free music. This app is still amongst the free mp3 best music download sites.

5. Audionautix

Top 15 Free Music Download Sites to free download music Audionautix

Audionautix is an MP3 music download site developed by Jason Shaw, a composer who freely offers self-made free mp3 music downloads and allows users to download it without violating copyright legally. It offers a user-friendly free mp3 download layout with all of the music categories clearly labeled.

6. Audiomack 

Top 15 Free Music Download Sites to free download music Audiomack 

Audiomack is a new music-sharing site with a simple user interface, making it the most refined SoundCloud replacement. This free music download website serves as a central location for musicians, labels, and music fans to discover new music downloader mp3.

7. NoiseTrade 

NoiseTrade music downloader provides music downloads free trials an incredible collection of albums from various musicians who want you to hear their work. If you enjoy the music, you can show your support for them by donating.

This website’s music is 100% all free downloads and legal to download. The songs can only listen in part, and you’ll need to trade your email address and postal code to get full access or download an album. It is one of the best music download sites.

8. Beatstars 


Beatstars music downloader is yet another free MP3 music download site that I recently discovered. First and foremost, I’d want to discuss its simple, elegant UI, which has a dark mode. The most beneficial aspect of this site is that it allows you to view all free and legal music downloads in one location.

9. Free Amazon Music Store

Free Amazon Music Store

If you’re an Amazon Prime member, you’ll have access to millions of free music downloads that you can listen to on any device or store to listen to later. It goes without saying that to receive these benefits, you must either pay a fee or choose the trial option.

Most of you are probably unaware of another way to get free music from Amazon’s website. It comes in the list free mp3 music download sites and best free music download sites.

10. DatPiff 


This MP3 download service, music download app which offers a variety of mixtapes even in 2021, should be checked out by all rap fans in the hip-hop scene. I know, it’s been a while since we’ve seen mixtapes, and as a child of the 1990s, I vividly recall the hype around them.

11. Internet Archive 

Internet Archive 

The audio part of the Internet Archive has free music and audiobooks, podcasts, radio shows, and live music. Over 2 million free digital audio tracks are available in the audio library.

Artists have many original collections on this free song download website, including freestyle rap over popular instrumentals from their contemporaries.

12. CCTrax 


Because the songs on CCTrax are available as Creative Commons music, downloading music from this site is free and secure. The website is well-designed, and you may search for music by license, genre, label, or artist.

Moreover, this website only has a few categories where you may listen to tracks online, such as Electronica, Dub, Techno, Ambient, and so on.



When first launched in 2002, it came to be an internet radio station. However, Audioscrobbler took over the site in 2005.

It implemented a music recommendation system that gathers information from various media players and music streaming websites to produce personalized individual profiles based on users’ musical preferences and listening patterns.

14. Free Music on Google Play Store

Free Music on Google Play Store

The Google Play Store is a source of free and legal music downloads. However, Google Play Music will be wholly decommissioned on February 24, 2021, so if you have songs saved there, you should start transferring them to YouTube music, which is free.

15. YouTube 

In 2021, YouTube will be one of the most popular websites on the internet, with free video streaming. Because it includes practically all types of music, many of us utilize it as a music streaming service.

However, the reason I put it at the end is that downloading songs from YouTube is difficult. Although not all songs on YouTube are downloadable, you can find them using the Creative Commons license filter and the genre you want.

Download free music and start rocking!

One could argue that in 2021, why download free music when you can just watch it? Streaming music from the internet is great, but what do you do when your mobile network or Wi-Fi connection goes down? That’s when offline music comes in handy, and the greatest part is that you can take your favorite tunes with you without spending a dime. As a result, I’ve ranked the aforementioned websites above to their simplicity of use and popularity.

Sites where you may legally and for free download Hindi songs

Except SoundCloud, which has a tiny but decent collection of Hindi songs, the sites on this list generally feature English MP3 songs and tracks. I just discovered that many of my visitors are looking for free and legal sites to download Hindi songs. I was considering I include that in a future piece as well.

Frequently Asked Questions about Free Music Downloads

What is the finest website for free music downloads?

In 2021, there are various places where you can get free music, like SoundCloud, Jamendo, Beatstars, and others. You may get music for free by looking through the list provided above.

Which is the best technique to get free music?

To download mp3 files legally, make sure the site you’re viewing on your phone or computer is lawful. Websites like Jamendo, SoundCloud,, and others are great places to find new and emerging talent.

What is the best way to convert a video to an mp3 song?

Numerous internet programs are available to assist you in converting your music video into a downloadable audio file.

Should I use a VPN to get free music?

You don’t need to use a VPN or other technologies to mask your identity if the website you’re accessing is completely lawful. However, you may utilize these services to stay secure online free music download for android regardless.

Where can I get songs to download?

In 2021, there will be various music download sites that offer free song downloads. However, many of the sites you visit may be pirate sites, making them illegal.

How do I get a free Spotify Premium account?

You can listen to an infinite number of songs on your ad-supported free account even if you don’t have a Premium membership. If you prefer an ad-free experience, Spotify offers a free premium subscription for 1-3 months; all for you french montana spotify users may also get free Spotify Premium with an AT&T plan and a Chase credit card.

How can I obtain free Apple Music?

Apple offers a 3-6 month free trial to all new users at any time, how to download music? allowing them to download millions of songs for free.


So here, our list of Music Download Sites to Download Free Music comes to an end. Music lovers can visit these sites to access their desired content. We always welcome your suggestions, and you can tell us through comments. That’s all for the moment. Goodbye!


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