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What Is External SATA (eSATA): Complete Guide!


USB and FireWire have contributed a lot towards external storage. But if you compare their performance sata with desktop drives, they always fall short. However, with the arrival of Serial ATA (SATA) standards, a recent external storage format, and external Serial ATA is hitting the sata cable marketplace. The industry …

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Why Didn’t Windows 9 Release: Everything You Need To Know

Windows 9

Microsoft has conventionally followed stable version numbers with their Windows operating systems, such as Windows 7, then Windows 8, and then Windows 10. But surprisingly, they skipped Windows 9; Microsoft decided not to bring Windows 9 as a successor to Windows 8. They came with Windows 10, which has become …

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Recuva Review: Is It the Best File Recovery Software?


Sometimes we accidentally delete some file that is needed in the future. The classic way to restore a file is to retrieve the file from Recycle Bin, but what if the file is deleted from Recycle Bin? In such circumstances, you need a decent file recovery tool such as Recuva. …

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Fix Your PS4 Won’t Turn On: Easy Guide!

Fix Your PS4 Won't Turn On: Easy Guide!

When you see your PS4 won’t turn on, you may listen to a beep and see the light. There might be no signs of life, and this problem can occur by several issues. We will share some troubleshooting methods to follow if your PS4 won’t turn on ps4 games. Note: …

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How i Fix Roku won’t Connect to the Internet In 2022

How i Fix Roku won't Connect to the Internet In 2022

This article will guide on how to fix Roku won’t connect to the internet and how to try the signal strength. There must be an active internet connection if you want  Roku devices and Roku-subscribed televisions to stream content. Also, signals must be strong and of high quality. If that …

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