Fix Your PS4 Won't Turn On: Easy Guide!

Fix Your PS4 Won’t Turn On: Easy Guide!

When you see your PS4 won’t turn on, you may listen to a beep and see the light. There might be no signs of life, and this problem can occur by several issues. We will share some troubleshooting methods to follow if your PS4 won’t turn on ps4 games.

Note: Where applicable, model-specific instructions will be provided in addition to general instructions that apply to all PlayStation 4 versions best ps4 games 2021. 

Why Is My PS4 Not Turning On? 

A power problem, defective software or firmware, or a hardware problem could be to blame for a PS4 that won’t switch on. It’s better to leave hardware issues, such as faulty power supply and damaged power buttons, to the experts. You have a decent possibility of being able to get your PS4 up and running without incurring a hefty repair charge because software and power problems are frequently considerably simpler to resolve ps4 headset . 

The most common causes of software problems preventing a PS4 from turning on are frequently missing system updates, corrupt files, or even a failing hard drive. These are simple enough to remedy, and your PS4 has a built-in safe mode that you can utilize to carry out many fixes vr headset ps4. 

In most cases, power problems are also reasonably simple to locate and resolve. Your power cord, power strip, surge protector, or even outlet could be defective. You can safely locate the cause of this issue and then ps4 repair by best ps4 games cautiously attempting various combinations. 

When a PS4 Won’t Turn On, How to Fix It

Fix When Your PS4 Won't Turn On


Follow the procedures listed below to solve a situation where your PS4 won’t switch on new ps4 games. 

  1. Cut off the PS4’s power. Plug your PS4’s power cable back in after unplugging it for at least 30 seconds. You can try turning the console on after it has been plugged in. 
  2. Restart your PS4. Even if it appears to be off already, turn the console off by continuing to hold down the power button. Remove the power wires from your console and let it sit for at least 20 minutes once the lights stop flashing, which should happen after around 30 seconds. The power button should be held and held while the console is unplugged. Check to ps4 slim whether the console turns on after plugging it back in.
  3. Test an alternative power cable. Release the current power cable and try the alternative if you have another one on hand.

The Xbox One S, several other electrical devices, ps4 vr and your need a common IEC C7 power cable. If you don’t already have any of these gadgets, most electronics shops carry these cords.

  1. Try a different outlet or power strip. The power strip or surge protector you’re using may have failed. Ensure that other devices can use the socket where your PS4 is plugged in, and try inserting your Playstation 4 into a new outlet if necessary. 
  2. Wipe the console clean of dust. Blow the dust out of your ps4 login through all of the vent holes using a can of compressed air. You might need to disassemble the console to thoroughly clean it, depending on how much dust you’re dealing with.

Advice: Cleaning out your PS4 by opening it up could void your warranty. If your warranty is still in effect, you might want to attempt wiping the dust out without actually opening the case. 

  1. Try putting in a video game disc. You should be able to use your PS4 normally if the system immediately ejects the disc and turns on. If you are unable to do so, safe mode may be able to fix your computer’s hard drive or system data.
  2. Consider launching your PS4 in safe mode. Safe mode is sometimes accessible when a PS4 won’t start properly since it enables the console to launch with only the most essential active features.

Shut down your console completely before entering safe mode. Once you hear the console beep twice, press and hold the power button. Finally, you’ll need to press the PS button after USB-connecting a controller.

Advice: If safe mode may be accessed during bootup, there is probably a software issue. If nothing else works, try updating the system software or doing a factory reset. 

  1. Take out the PS4 hard disc. If it doesn’t work, try starting the without the drive and then in safe mode. Your PS4 will turn on using either the default way or the safe mode approach if there is a hard drive issue. Depending on the situation, you might be able to restart the console and install the hard drive again, but replacing the drive is more likely to be necessary.

Taking off the hard disc can void your warranty, so be careful. Before disassembling your console, check with Sony regarding potential free repairs if your warranty is still in effect.

  1. Look for bug indicators. Because of their warm, dark innards and numerous vent holes that let heat escape, PlayStation 4 consoles tend to draw actual insects. There’s a significant probability that some insects have made their way into your console if you’ve ever had issues with them in your gaming space. If that’s the case, wiping it out and opening the console might let it start up again best buy ps4.

Advice: Your console may need professional repairs if bugs living inside it have shorted out internal parts. 

  1. Verify that your power button is internally attached. Did your PS4 no longer turn on after you disassembled it to clean it? It is simple to reinstall the PS4 cover so that the power button ceases to function since the power button on the cover presses a button on the inside circuit board using a small metal contact.

Examine the metal piece that protrudes from the cover’s power button by attempting to remove it again. You should ensure the metal piece contacts the power button inside your console when you reattach the cover if it isn’t broken off gta 5 cheats ps4.

Necessary: Don’t disassemble your console to check the power button if you’ve never done so before. If you break the portion that presses the power button in the process, your issue can worsen.

  1. Change the power supply. Your PS4 may occasionally not turn on because of a defective power supply. Although it isn’t much more difficult to replace than a PS4 hard drive, you will likely struggle to diagnose the problem without the right equipment and knowledge accurately. For that reason, before attempting to replace the power source yourself, you might want to think about speaking with a specialist.


Why won’t the controller on my PS4 switch on? 

Check the charging port and cord, then restart your PS4 if your PS4 won’t charge. Try resetting your PS4 controller if you’re still having problems ps4 pro.

Why won’t my PlayStation 4 connect to WiFi? 

Examine the status of the PlayStation Network, then restart your console, router, and modem if your PS4 is having trouble connecting to WiFi. Alternatively, ps4 console use a wired Ethernet connection or move your PS4 closer to the router.

What should I do if my PS4 won’t read discs? 

Start by cleaning the disc and restarting your PS4 if it won’t read a disc. If the problem persists, try cleaning the disc drive’s interior and rebuilding the database in safe mode. Use the manual eject screw if your PS4 won’t eject a disc when you try to do so ps4 controller.

How can I correct the stick drift on my PlayStation 4 controller? 

Clean and reset the PS4 controller to correct stick drift. Clean the analog stick on your PS4 controller by disassembling it if necessary. Try replacing the analog sticks manually if Sony cannot fix the controller.






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