YTS Alternatives: 8 Best Yify Torrent Proxy Mirror Sites

YTS Alternatives: 8 Best Yify Torrent Proxy Mirror Sites

Torrent sites are always at the disposal of law enforcement agencies, accusing them of violating copyrighted rules. These yifytv sites allow users to download legal or illegal content without asking the content creators. We have seen some famous torrent sites such as The Pirate Bay, Extratorrent,  Kickass torrent, etc., blocked in several regions. Recently we have seen authorities turning down the, YTS or Yify movies because many producers complain against them. It is still one of the top best torrent sites that contain a massive amount of data.

Today we will talk about Yify official,  its alternatives and answer your questions regarding this great torrenting site. If it’s not working in your area, you can still download data using some of the best YTS Alternatives working in 2021. It will amaze you because all the alternatives come with unique features and many torrent files to download your required data. Most of these work worldwide, and you only need to visit one of these YTS Alternatives to download torrent Yify movies tv files.

Disclaimer: Techbmw is not responsible for any actions of the users, nor do we support any illegal torrent site. We aim to provide information-based articles to our readers. However, we will advise them to use legal sites yify tv to download whatever they want.

YTS Alternatives: 8 Best Yify Torrent Proxy Mirror Sites

As mentioned earlier, this article has brought an exciting list of the best YTS Alternatives in 2021. Let’s have a look:

1. The Pirate Bay

YTS Alternatives: 8 Best Yify Torrent Proxy Mirror Sites The Pirate Bay

Pirate bay alternatives reddit, TPB is amongst the popular torrent sites. The Pirate Bay is again online and will be available via its original domain – – newly. TPB is a famous torrent site among torrent fans due to the enormous number of torrents available for download and its uncluttered user interface. Using this, YTS alternative, you may download torrents for movies, software, TV shows, music, and more.

2. 1337x

YTS Alternatives: 8 Best Yify Torrent Proxy Mirror Sites 1337x

If  Yify movies aren’t working for you and you, want to download torrents for movies, apps, and software, 1337x is your next best alternative. The torrent site is visually appealing, with everything from the index page to the search results being well-designed. Due to the categorization of torrents, 1337x appeals to a vast following of torrent fans. You can search for movies, tv shows, games, music, apps, anime, and other media. Furthermore, this Yify org, YTS torrent alternative has a trending section where you can find all the famous and current torrents without going through the hassle of manually searching for them.

3. Kickass Torrents

YTS Alternatives: 8 Best Yify Torrent Proxy Mirror Sites Kickass Torrents

The torrent website Kickass Torrents requires no introduction, as it is one of the most popular on the internet. Kickass torrent, which has emerged as one of the finest torrent sites of 2021, has the potential to serve as the ideal Yify alternative for individuals who are unable to access YTS for whatever reason. While the original Kickass torrent site has long been defunct, several mirror sites have popped up on the internet. The user interface and option layout are nearly the same on the mirror domain. At the top of the page, you’ll discover the torrent catalog, most popular torrents, and Top torrents sections. They supplement with a tag cloud that shows you the most popular searches on the site.

4. Extratorrent

YTS Alternatives: 8 Best Yify Torrent Proxy Mirror Sites Extratorrent

Extratorrent (Yify alternative) yts,am was one of the best torrent sites until it, like other torrent sites, was closed down in 2017. Since reddit extratorrent developed under fire from government and law enforcement standards, multiple Extratorrent mirror sites have appeared. If the torrent site is blocked in your region, you can utilize Extratorrent proxy sites. Extratorrent appeals to a broad audience by providing many torrent files, so it could be a viable YTS option.

5. Rarbg


Despite being littered with adverts and pop-ups, Rarbg remains one of the most well-known torrent sites in the world. If Yify movies aren’t functioning for you for any reason, users can easily download torrents from this site. It rarbg reddit contains a large number of seeders and torrents. Rarbg is a modern YTS alternative for those who require downloading movies via torrent sites because it involves trailers for popular films and a specific section for torrent downloads.

6. Lime Torrents

YTS Alternatives: 8 Best Yify Torrent Proxy Mirror Sites Lime Torrents

Lime Torrents has ranked amongst the finest torrent sites. Internet users have reacted positively to this torrent site, enabling them to download practically any torrent file. If Yify movies aren’t working, Lime Torrent is one of the most acceptable YTS alternatives for downloading Yif torrents files. Lime Torrent’s website is continuously updated, making it one of the most popular sites for torrent fans. Seeders and leechers are in good supply for torrent files posted here.

7. Zooqle 


The last torrent site in our list of the best Yify alternatives is Zooqle. It’s a new name in the torrent space solidifying its position by expanding the number of torrent files available for consumers to download. Zooqle also includes a variety of categories where you may find torrents, such as yts movie, apps, games, movies, music, and software. Zooqle offers a section dedicated to the most seeded torrents, which is an intriguing feature that I’d like to see replicated on other torrent sites.



EZTV was launched in 2005 and, after a ten-year run, it was shut down in 2015 when its servers were taken over by “EZCLOUD LIMITED.” EZTV has had various stability concerns in the past and has been unavailable for extended periods. Users can now download torrent files using this Yify alternative, which is currently up and running. One of EZTV’s drawbacks is that it is rife with advertising that may irritate you.

YTS Alternatives: 8 Best Yify Torrent Proxy Mirror Sites

If Yify movies aren’t functioning in your area and your ISP has blocked any of the torrent sites yify download listed above, yts movie these proxies and mirror sites can help. If the need arises, you can use these proxy sites as Yify alternatives.

Yify Torrent Solution FAQs (YTS)

What is Yify?

Yify torrents, often known as YTS. (Yify Torrent Solution), yts is down?  is one of the top popular torrent sites for downloading movies, music, and subtitles.

With its clutter-free interface and simplicity of searching through a large number of torrent files, the website has created a name for itself in the tormenting niche.

What became of Yify?

What is although the original Yify ag torrent website was shut down in 2015 due to legal allegations, many Yify proxy sites and mirrors provide users with the same user interface but under a new domain name.

What Are Yify Proxy Sites and How Do They Work?

Proxy sites act as a man-in-the-middle, providing an anonymous connection between your internet connection and the website you’re trying to access.  In the case of Yify proxy sites, your browser establishes a connection, which goes to the destination website via the proxy site.

As a result, the website you’re trying to access won’t be able to interpret the original IP addresses attempting to establish a connection. Yify proxy sites assist you in erasing your digital footprints and avoiding ISP geo-blocking.

Is Yify still functional?

Although the original Yify site disappeared in 2015, you can still use the Yify mirror sites and YTS replacements listed above.

 Why aren’t Yify movies functioning for me?

If Yify movies aren’t functioning for you, your ISP may have blocked the website. In that scenario, you can download movies via torrent using Yify movie alternatives or other torrent services.

Conclusion: YTS/YIFY

YTS/YIFY was the best yify torrents streaming platform for downloading and watching movies and games online in its own right. And finding an alternative that works as well as YTS is difficult. However, we’ve compiled a list of the 8 Best YTS/YIFY Alternatives in the hopes that these alternatives would meet your torrent site expectations.

However, we’ve put together a list of roughly Yts/Yify proxy alternative sites hoping that these options would meet your torrent site expectations. Until the next time. Goodbye!


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